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BUG spraying
Perimeter of all buildings were sprayed for bugs on April 29.  A second spraying will be done June/July.
People continue to bring boxes and not cut them up.  If you are caught, you will be charge a minimum fee of $25 but could be more because CPC now has to do your work. (cameras are watching)
 Rules & Regulations
new updated registered copy is now under “documents”

Cold weather is here and mice are looking for a nice warm place to live.  Put some traps in the cellar and in your garage.  We do NOT recommend using poison, the mice could die in the house and smell for week, use the snap type traps.

          2 New Rules
  • In accordance with section 9(e) of the Master Deed, which provides that unit owners shall not “…interfere with the beneficial enjoyment of other Units,” there shall be no noxious fumes or smoke in the common areas, facilities and exclusive use areas, which include patios, decks and driveways. Noxious fumes include, but are not limited to smoke from cigars, cigarettes, marijuana or E-cigarettes. The smoking of such items in the common areas, facilities and exclusive use areas is prohibited.
  • Marijuana plants may not be cultivated, grown, planted or kept in any of the common areas or exclusive use areas, including patios, decks and driveways. Chapman Place intends to uphold statutes and regulations adopted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding the cultivation of marijuana.-

Reminder recycle is only for household material –

***cardboard/paper, glass, plastic and cans.  if you are found dumping any other material in this area you will be charged a fee (minimum $25) ***

  • Leominster is starting to monitor recycle throughout the city.  People are contaminating the recycle by throwing things away that are not recyclable.  Throwing a trash bag full of recyclables away contaminates the recycling – a trash bag is not recyclable.
  • items such as styrofoam, mini grills, pots/pans, curtain rods, golf bags, comforters…etc are not for the recycle area. 
  • If you are caught on camera putting NON-recyclable items in the totes, you will be charged a minimal fee of $25 to have Chapman Place dispose of the item(s).

Remember there are people that run and walk around the complex,  there is no need to speed within the complex.

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