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Latest update(s) :

There are 2 open seats on the board, if you are interested please call the office

Snow season is around the corner.   Under “good to know” on the top bar is a link to “understanding snow removal”. If you notice damage please report it right away so we can follow up with the contractor

Reminder recycle is only for household material –

***cardboard/paper, glass, plastic and cans.  if you are found dumping any other material in this area you will be charged a fee (minimum $25) ***

  • Leominster is starting to monitor recycle throughout the city.  People are contaminating the recycle by throwing things away that are not recyclable.  Throwing a trash bag full of recyclables away contaminates the recycling – a trash bag is not recyclable.
  • items such as styrofoam, mini grills, pots/pans, curtain rods, golf bags, comforters…etc are not for the recycle area. 
  • If you are caught on camera putting NON-recyclable items in the totes, you will be charged a minimal fee of $25 to have Chapman Place dispose of the item(s).

Remember there are people that run and walk around the complex,  there is no need to speed within the complex.

Web site last updated 10/20/20