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Leaf Pickup
Leaf pickup in not done yet they will be onsite at least 1 more time.
Rule 6.8 Use of Visitor Parking Areas by Residents Residents are no longer allowed to park in visitor parking. The only exception for a resident to park in visitor parking is to accommodate: An elderly or handicapped person or a contractor coming to the unit (a visiting nurse is considered a contractor). A “Visitor Tag” is ABSOLUTELY required in a resident’s vehicle when accommodating a visitor in their driveway.  The tag must also have the unit owner number written on it; it is the unit owner’s responsibility to have the unit # readable on the tag.
People continue to bring boxes and not cut them up.  If you are caught, you will be charge a minimum fee of $25 but could be more because CPC now has to do your work. (cameras are watching)
 Rules & Regulations
new updated registered copy is now under “documents”   

Reminder recycle is only for household material –

***cardboard/paper, glass, plastic and cans.  if you are found dumping any other material in this area you will be charged a fee (minimum $25) ***

  • Leominster is starting to monitor recycle throughout the city.  People are contaminating the recycle by throwing things away that are not recyclable.  Throwing a trash bag full of recyclables away contaminates the recycling – a trash bag is not recyclable.
  • items such as styrofoam, mini grills, pots/pans, curtain rods, golf bags, comforters…etc are not for the recycle area. 
  • If you are caught on camera putting NON-recyclable items in the totes, you will be charged a minimal fee of $25 to have Chapman Place dispose of the item(s).

Remember there are people that run and walk around the complex,  there is no need to speed within the complex.

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