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Site update: October 15, 2023

Reminder on holiday weeks that you put your trash out on Friday as normal.  Waste Management does NOT have a holiday schedule  and states they try to pickup trash on the regular pickup schedule whenever they can.

Cold weather is here do NOT forget to shut off your outside faucet

A new contractor has advertised with Chapman Place 
Elias Home Improvement – from painting to remodeling –  check them out in the services tab 

Remember with snow removal the contract does NOT have to start removing snow on the driveways and sidewalks until the snow has stopped
It is your responsibility to move your car from the driveway when they are in the area clearing driveways
To see more about snow removal click under “Good To Know”

New rule modification for Grills 


All outdoor cooking/barbecue equipment must be UL approved and meet local and state

Fire Department regulations.

Only 1 gas grill and 1 propane tank per unit (no spares) are allowed on the property and cannot be more than 25 pounds in size.

When grill is in use it must be 3-5 ft. away from any structure. You can grill on common area but after use it must be moved back to your exclusive use area.


Rule 6.8 Use of Visitor Parking Areas by Residents

Residents are no longer allowed to park in visitor parking.

The only exception for a resident to park in visitor parking is to accommodate:

An elderly or handicapped person or a contractor coming to the unit (a visiting nurse is considered a contractor).

A “Visitor Tag” is ABSOLUTELY required in a resident’s vehicle when accommodating a visitor in their driveway.  The tag must also have the unit owner number written on it; it is the unit owner’s responsibility to have the unit # readable on the tag.

 Rules & Regulations
A new updated registered copy is now under “Documents” .

Reminder recycle is only for household material –

***cardboard/paper, glass, plastic and cans.  If you are found dumping any other material in this area you will be charged a fee, minimum $25.

  • Leominster is starting to monitor recycle throughout the city.  People are contaminating the recycle by throwing things away that are not recyclable.  Throwing a trash bag full of recyclables away contaminates the recycling – a trash bag is not recyclable.
  • Items such as styrofoam, mini grills, pots/pans, curtain rods, golf bags, comforters…etc are not for the recycle area. 
  • If you are caught on camera putting NON-recyclable items in the totes, you will be charged a minimal fee of $25 to have Chapman Place dispose of the item(s).

Remember, there are people that run and walk around the complex,  there is no need to speed within the complex.

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