Good to know

Understandng Snow Removal

We create a contract with  some specifics and times with each contractor.  We try to hold the contractor to these specifications and timelines. Click the link below to understand some parts of the contract. 




Only the following items should be put in the recycle totes.  If you are found dumping other items into the totes or around the area, you will be charged a fee from Chapman Place to properly remove the items from the recycle area. A minimum fee of $25 will be charged to your account.



Insurance Tidbits

If you are going to do any renovations to your unit, you should call the office to find out if you need to fill out a Home Improvement form.   We are here to protect Chapman Place’s assets and you as a unit owner.  We need to make sure people have the correct licenses to do certain work – plumbing, heating and A/C, etc.  


Did you know there is a window installation specification sheet?

Mass General Law Condominiums

Click the link below to see Mass law as it pertains to condominiums. These are very general laws, but we also have the Chapman Place governing documents.  There is the Master Deed, By-Laws, and Rules & Regulations.  You should have received the first 3 documents when you purchased the condo.  These documents are all filed with the Registry of Deeds. Below are the latest revisions that should match your document revision.